Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Kookies Munchster - Mini Jar

Don't crack your head thinking about the best personalized favors for your occasion.
Kookies Munchster has the answer!

Kookies Munchster Mini Glass Jar Favors

Everybody loves the taste of rich chocolate chip cookies.
Your guest would be overjoyed when they received freshly baked
chocolatey cookies nicely sealed in an airtight mini glass jar
And later, they can use the glass jar to store spices or anything!

Butter, flour, sugar, Dark Chocolate Chip, Beryl's Gourmet Dark Chocolate bar,
Eggs, Vanilla & Lots of Love!

1-100 jar = RM 5.50

101-300 jar = RM 4.50
301-500 jar = RM 3.50

(9-14 kookies - depending on size)
*Price not including ribbon and sticker.
However, we can provide the deco according to your need with minimal cost.

Mini Jar size:
6cm (square)

Also come with different round jars

Kookies Munchster mini glass jar favor is very ideal for any occassion -
engagement, cukur jambul, birthday, wedding, bridal shower, baby shower
You name it!

To Order:
PM me at FB
e-mail to 
and we can work out the details :)

Lots of love,
The real Cookies Monster

Monday, 19 September 2011

Kookies Munchster - Birthmark

I started baking chocolate chip cookies since a few years ago
It's a must kuih raya for my family
When i'm not in the mood to bake at all
my brother will keep pestering me with the same question
"when are you gonna bake it?"
and it's just a week after Ramadhan

But I think this year he will be pretty happy
because I will bake it more than usual
as I finally make a decision to sell my chocolate chip cookies

The support I get from my other half, my family
and from my great friends, shananeh and neesa misae
give me the courage to explore and share this lovely bites with other people.

Hence, the birth of KOOKIES MUNCHSTER!

It's 100% home-made by me
Carefully selected ingredients by me
Using Buttercup and Beryl's dark chocolate

It's my finest
Double Chocolate Chip Semisweet Cookies

Imagine the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies,
crispy, rich, chocolatey , semi-sweet dark brown bite size cookies
Not too sweet.
Chocolate chip in every bite.
Very addictive. 

Butter, flour, sugar, Chocolate Chip, Beryl's Gourmet Dark Chocolate bar,
Eggs, Vanilla & Lots of Love!

Price for normal jar:
RM28 for 1 jar
RM50 for 2 jars
(60-65 cookies/ jar - 400gm)

To Order:
PM me at FB
e-mail to
and we can work out the details :)

This cookies is not for raya only
You can order anytime you feel like it
for any occasion - cukur jambul, engagement, wedding

Very ideal and delicious favors for the guest
You can even buy it for your own consumption
I give better, cheaper price for bulk orders.

I will update with more products :)
For the time being,
feel free to contact me to order or for any inquiry.

Lots of love,
The real Cookies Monster


Monday, 12 September 2011

The Real Kookies Munchster


I'm not a professional pastry chef but I have unconditional love and growing passion for baking.

I can safely say my chocolate chip cookies will rock your tastebuds and satisfy that monstrous sweet tooth of yours.

So be prepared to get addicted!